A wild and crazy trip to Miami

Last week was just wonderful, I went down to Florida and met with a great group of people that I’ve known since grade school.

One evening we all went out to a sweet little wine bar down by where the cruise ships come in. We all laughed and enjoyed tasting until Joe got a little tipsy… literally tipsy and stumbled across the room and fell into the mirror.

Thank goodness that he’s okay and nobody got hurt but that mirror can’t say the same. There was pieces of glass from one end of the room to the other.  For a minute there I thought that the manager of the place was going to have a stroke. He even threatened to sue me.

Joe pointed out that there is an unlit step that he tripped over and that’s why the whole thing happened. Needless to say, it was quite a trip indeed.

When we got home we called Legal Shield Miami and talked to a lawyer about the whole thing. He assured us that the establishment had no case against us and since Joe didn’t get hurt, that we have no case against him either.…

How to buy wine sensibly

How to buy wine sensibly

Buying wine for yourself

The golden rule here is to always remember your taste. That is all that will help you enjoy that bottle of wine you’ve finally un-corked. So the first step to buying wine is logically, figuring out what you take pleasure in sipping. For that, find a wine shop, preferably one which pays attention to its inventory and will guide you through the intricacies of wine tasting. Try and find a store that only sells wine, in the initial phases of your taste-searching since that’ll keep you focused. Try everything at first; you’ll love some tastes you’ll detest a few flavors and undertones – make a note of them. Then, collaborate with your friend at the wine store to help you find your near-perfect bottle.

If you stick to the less expensive wines, it will get pricey simply to try all the wines and settle for something you’d buy repeatedly. Once you’ve figured out what you like to drink, the next step is to find a supplier (we know you’ll need a lot of wine once you’ve gathered a taste!) Despite what some magazines claim, it is better to find a vineyard which sells indigenous family-made wines, not because of just the cost-effectiveness, but because they actually focus on the taste rather than just their profits. You can either trust word-of-mouth advice or use the internet to find the best vineyards near your area. Cheaper wines are meant to be consumed immediately whereas, the more pocket-pinching wine bottles are meant to be stored and aged, saved for a special occasion. This holds true even for Champagne, which is seeing a surge in its popularity. Choose wisely and don’t be drunk while making your decision!

How to buy wine sensibly

Buying wines for others:

  • Know your audience and purchase your bottle(s) accordingly. So, if you’re buying wine for a wedding, stick to Red, if you’re going someplace where people know their wine, carry both. If it is an outdoor event, go for the lighter reds (read: Pinot Noir and Merlot), if it is winter, choose a bolder red wine.
  • Always make sure there’s enough for everybody- if a party has just wine as the core drink, plan for a bottle per person and if there are other drinks available, a quarter of a bottle per person would suffice.
  • If you’re at a new place, say travelling to France, try their wine and order something that’s French! A little experimentation never hurt, and who knows, you may find a wine that you absolutely love!
  • If you’re gifting wine to someone, you need to keep the size of the bottle in mind, other than, of course, their taste.

As a last word of advice: While choosing, don’t focus on hypes such as a bad year for wines; there is no bad wine, just a wine that tastes different. Don’t get misguided by companies claiming to be better. Remember, you know your taste, they don’t. Believe in yourself!

Enjoy your wine; it’s the drink of …

Best Wines of the World

The word ‘best’ has its own meaning when it comes to its use as an adjective for wines. Best could mean best in the olfactory department, or something that’s exactly what you’ve always been looking for. It could mean something that’s reasonably well priced for its superlative taste. Availability (or scarcity) often snatches away points from potentially good wines. It is essential to keep in mind several factors while establishing what you think is the best you’ve tasted…yet.

Domaine Romanée-ContiThe Domaine Romanée-Conti (DRC) has often been donned the crown of one of the best wines in the world. The five acre vineyard was purchased by Prince de Conti in the eighteenth century, and once he dies it was sold to one of Napoleon’s bankers. So, Rome where this illustrious Burgundy wine began its life from infancy and even till date, just a few hundred crates are produced annually. Its taste has floral undertones that is said to have an emotional effect rather than a spin on the intellect. It is sensuous to the point of being evasively seductive. The pocket pinch? £7,500, that’s 11,815.72 US dollars (approximately)


La TâcheThe La Tâche is another Burgundy that makes to the top of any wine lover who’s had the good fortune (literally) of tasting one. It has a blasting endnote and tastes of sticky marzipan and rich undertones of the tannins. It costs about one third of the DRC.



Le Romanée-ContiA flavor very different from the previous wine is that of the Le Romanée-Conti which will remind you of the early days of spring; flowers blooming, and if you close your eyes, you might even be able to sense the birds chirping around you! It has undertones of oyster shell, like any good vintage does. Its delicate entry into your mouth will make it a wine to remember for eons.


Chateau d’YquemChateau d’Yquem is a wine from the Sauternes. It’s a dessert wine that is made in almost every vintage. Its taste is fruity and acidic, unlike the DRC, and is described as ethereal by most wine lovers. It has a long, satisfying finish and a taste that lingers on your tongue while you stare, mesmerized, at the glass that contains it; almost jealous.


Chateau LatourChateau Latour is the shining glory and shows us why Bordeaux has been one of the big guns of the wine industry. This is another wine that attains its true glory after aging in the cellar for a very long time; twenty, if not more years. It has a magical consistency. Patience is what will get you to enjoy this wine!

Luneau-Papin MuscadetLuneau-Papin Muscadet Clos des Alees is a Muscadet. It is a  wine that is as crisp as it can get. It can be paired with food or cocktails, consumed in any season and therefore, is man’s second best friend! You can find white wines much dearer; however this will keep pulling you back to itself. It costs about $15 (win win). read more info about Luneau-Papin Muscadet …

How to Store Wine at Home

How to Store Wine at HomeYou may have found some very good, age worthy wines over the years, but the next step is to make sure they are all stored properly. There is a lot to consider here – from the temperature, to the lighting and humidity. You don’t really have to keep the bottles locked away in a basement, shrouded in complete darkness, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them out in the open under direct sunlight either.Click here to check some of the best wines.

It’s not just the wine you have to worry about. The corks that come with the bottle need the right sort of humidity too. Too much, and they can mold, too little and they dry out. Depending on where you live, you may or may not need some sort of air conditioning to control the temperature and moisture in the room where the wine is being stored. Air conditioners dehumidify while they cool the room and this creates an environment ideal for storing wine long term.

The next, and most crucial, piece of the puzzle is temperature. You have to be very careful about the temperature the wine is stored at since it must be maintained throughout the year. You’ll need either a smart, temperature controlled system or an actual cellar for this. If you have neither, you have to find a place in your house that has a steady temperature throughout the year.visit http://cliwines.com/2015/05/home-of-the-great-wines/ to check out some of the best wines around the world.

Getting the right temperature is extremely important. Most experts would never store their wine in a kitchen for this very reason. You have to create an environment for your wine  that never exceeds the mid 70’s in Fahrenheit. Variations in temperature are expected, but never let the wine undergo variation by more than 10 or 12 Fahrenheit. Doing this will age the wine faster as the process is accelerated.

If you’ve got a specific place in the house where you know you can safely store your wine, the next step is to consider what sort of storage space you are going to get. You can go for anything, from a small wine cellar to a designer wine cabinet. Wine storage cabinets are very inexpensive, compared to building an actual wine cellar or room. It’s a fraction of the price of getting humidity and temperature controls fitted into a room. But for some collectors, a cabinet may simply not be enough. The point is to find how much wine you want to store and then figure out how you are going to do it.

There is also the question about when you intend to open up the bottle and drink it. Most store-bought wine is consumed in the first 24 hours. Storage is only an issue if you want to keep wine for years in near perfect conditions.…

Home of the Great Wines from Australia, Argentina, California, Chile, Italy & South Africa

Super Sonoman 2007 Meritage Wine has joined forces with Chateau Leonard Wines for distribution in Northern Califonia

The 2007 Meritage is a combination of Three Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. The wine is a purple red in color with an alcohol content of 14.5%. The aromatics express perfumed aromas of ripe black rasberry, roast coffee and flowers. The grape source is from Redwood Hill in the Sonoma Mountain area with an elevation of 1125 feet.read more info about how to store wine by clicking here

The grapes were picked at 25.1 brix and  remained on skin contact for 22-27 days then aged in french oak for 30 months. These elements all come together to create the harmony that is Super Sonoman Wine.

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