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This is what makes Kuala Lumpur the amazing city it is.

If you are planning to go on a trip to South East Asia you definitely cannot skip Malaysia and especially not Kuala Lumpur. Check out this article to find out what makes Kuala Lumpur such a beautiful city.

The food

Everyone who has been to Malaysia will tell you the same thing: “oh you are going to Malaysia? The food is amazing there!” The Malaysian food is heavily influenced by Indonesian, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. As a result you can find many restaurants offering these cuisines. Try out the local Korean barbecue or ramen noodle places. Not only is the food in the restaurants amazing, a must-try is definitely the street food. You can find everything here including the local Malaysian foods. When in Kuala Lumpur, try out the Curry Laksa or Asam Laksa, a typical Malaysian dish. A great place to go for street food is the night market Jalan Alor, there are many different food stalls offering a wide range of dishes. At night the street is crowded with people eating there and enjoying their food.


Streetfood at Jalan Alor

The views

Having one of the highest buildings in the world, the Petronas Towers, you can imagine the amazing views KL has to offer. Not just from the Petronas Towers, the views are also amazing from a rooftop bar, helipad or a sky bar. What better way to spend your evening then having a drink in a comfortable sky bar while enjoying an amazing view? Must-try bars with an amazing view are Helipad and Marini’s on 57. Helipad is a kl bar located on a helicopter platform and such an amazing experience with its 360 degree view. There are multiple helipads to go to in Kuala Lumpur but for the best view go to the ones in the Bukit Bintang area. Marini’s on 57 is not just a sky bar, it is also a rooftop restaurant in KL offering amazing Italian fine dining. Located in the third Petronas Tower, you will have a front row view on the Petronas Towers. Try one of the cocktails made by Marini’s experienced mixologists or enjoy an amazing wine advised by their sommeliers. Check out a review of Marini’s on 57 on or watch this video if you want a look into fancy Marini’s on 57.


Skybar Marini’s on 57


If you are a big fan of shopping, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place for you to be. There are many malls with shops suitable for every taste or budget. From Gucci to Topshop to H&M, every mall will have something suitable for you. It is not just the many shops that makes these malls so great, it is also the architecture. Many malls have marble floors and walls and are up to 7 floors or more high. Must see malls are Suria KLCC, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Mega Mall.


Pavilion shopping mall


There are so many tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. The Thean Hou Temple and Masjid Negara Mosque are very interesting. The Thean Thou Temple is situated on a hillside an therefore offers amazing views over Kuala Lumpur. Masjid Negara is definitely worth paying a visit. You will receive a robe that you have to wear if you want to enter and shoes must be taken off. Walk barefoot on the marble pavements, alongside fountains and pools and look inside of the prayer hall, which can accommodate up to 15.000 worshipers. Another great place to visit is China Town, which is also very suitable if you want to try street food or want to shop. In KL bird park and KL butterfly park you can find the most unique birds and butterflies flying next to you.


The Thean Hou Temple

As you can see, Kuala Lumpur will not get boring easily. Besides the activities mentioned above, there is so much more to see and to do. For the best experience  meet up with some locals, who can show you places only the real locals know.